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Kidz Connect 2017

We had another incredible week as we welcomed City Kidz and our community to come and have fun and learn about God's love in a safe and caring environment. 

Over 130 kids filled the church and surrounding green space with a lot of excited noise, laughter and activity. Each day started inside with energetic singing, fun "games with Mrs. Grace" and Pastor Gareth's object lessons that helped us to remember the P.R.A.Y. acronym. Rows of colour-coordinated kids, with their group shirts on, participated, laughed and learned together each morning.

Heading outside always meant fun activities, games, snacks and a craft (this year wooden prayer journals). The morning wrapped up with group time, talking about what we did, what we learned, what we liked, and writing prayer requests to stick into the prayer wall. No prayer request was left in the wall: church members took them and prayed over the requests. 

Thank-you to our community for entrusting your kids to us for the week. We had a fantastic time with them!

One of the leaders tells of a young boy who, at the start of the week, didn't know anything about God and certainly didn't want to hear anything about Him either. By the end of the week, this same young boy was the one telling that same leader about God -about all the things that God had made. In five short mornings, God softened that boy's heart to be open to Him. 

Praise God! What a week!